Our target client is Developers, Municipalities, Housing Authorities and General Contractors.

Firm Advantage™
This program facilitates early engagement of small, WBE, MBE, and Section 3 businesses to ensure maximum time contracted on an economic development project.Project Community Capital enabled 20 residents to be hired from the community and 9 obtained permanent jobs at the Nannie Helen project, a $22M, 70 unit affordable housing project. The General Contractor was provided with referrals to residents who were ready, willing and able to work from day one of each subcontractor’s hiring. In addition, PCC provided oversight and tracking of individual hires and provided labor to the general contractor as necessary to facilitate meeting section 3 hiring requirements.Let PCC help you achieve and maximize your economic development participation goals. No longer will you have to say, “We can’t find anyone to stay on the job long enough,” “He/She worked on site for three days and just didn’t work out” or we cannot find any qualified MBE subs”.

WorkForce Leverage™
This program facilitates early engagement of local residents to ensure maximum time working on an economic development project.

PCC Small Business Growth Incubator – YOU CAN ENGAGE PCC STARTING JANUARY 2019

Our target client is small businesses.  We provided small business with a menu of consulting services they otherwise could not afford.  PC is managed by an award winning principal from and award winning small business and from a top business school.  Access to business consulting services can make a significant difference in the trajectory of your company.

Small Business Recalibration
PCC will evaluate your business based on its tested key criteria and make recommendations to your business to recalibrate it for the current business climate

Small Business Certification Support
PCC will assist you in preparing your small business certification application.  We will work closely with you on preparation and provide guidance throughout the certification process

Small Business Strategy Development
PCC will help your firm develop a strategy around any new business opportunity you are pursuing.  We will help develop a strategy that will improve your chances of success.  We will help turn a pursuit into a WIN.

On-Call Business Advisory
PCC can be your on call business advisor.  Just schedule a time and we can work through whatever your business issue is. We are at your service.