Our Team

Morgan Wortham, Platform Manager

Oversees all aspects of the Firm Advantage™ and WorkForce Leverage™ programs. Provides strategic guidance to Business and Hiring Evaluation Specialists, also oversee the progress of operations, develop efficient strategies and plans to ensure that all programs deliver the desirable outcome to contractors and individuals seeking job opportunity.

Gail Northern, Platform Coordinator

Organizes and Oversees all aspects of the outreach components of Firm Advantage™ and WorkForce Leverage™ programs. Provides strategic guidance and coordination on outreach venues to maximize the noticing of opportunities to businesses, people, trade agencies and other local community groups.

Joy Mack and Jason Reynolds, Hiring Evaluation Specialists

Implements all aspects of the WorkForce Leverage™ program by facilitating the early engagement of local residents to ensure maximum time working on an economic development project.  The hiring evaluation specialist does this by implementing the following process:

  • Solicits individual interest
  • Conducts initial interview to Prescreen applicant for job readiness
  • Evaluates interviewees Skills appearance, communication, self-awareness, and readiness
  • Reviews interviewees completed PCC surveys to assess the interest of the individual
  • (Construction, professional services, retail, operations, other)
  • Uses the data from the interview and survey to Identify where there is room for improvement, based on results of process determines ratings in accordance to the following scale:

(Category 1) Ready to Hire

(Category 2) Needs a few tweaks

(Category 3) Needs assistance from Workforce Development Agency

  • Conducts Follow up counseling sessions and makes referral to Workforce Development Agency Partner as required.
  • Oversees the reevaluation process.
  • Manages student and community resident interns.
  • Collaborates with Business Evaluation Specialist as required by the project.